Stones O'Leary Romany Amethyst Runestones
Stones O'Leary Romany Amethyst Runestones
Stones O'Leary Romany Amethyst Runestones
Stones O'Leary Romany Amethyst Runestones
Stones O'Leary Romany Amethyst Runestones
Stones O'Leary Romany Amethyst Runestones

Stones O'Leary Romany Amethyst Runestones

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Stones O'Leary, or Romany Runes, are runestones created by the Romany people for divination. 

They consist of 10 runes, each with their own meanings. 

Our Stones O'Leary are made with natural amethyst, with runes hand-carved into them.

Casting Instructions

1) Shake the stones while thinking of your questions and chant:

Stones O’Leery, Stones O’Leery,
Tell me truly, tell me clearly
Give to me an answer true
Show me what I am to do
Let my eye see clear and bright
That I may see my future right.’

2) Keep your questions simple and direct. 

3) Cast the stones. Stones that land upwards and show their symbols should be read. Those that land downwards have no meaning. 

4) The runestone that lands furthest away is the leading stone and the most important. The ones that land nearer to you decrease in importance.

If two stones land at the same distance or on top of each other and they both show symbols, they both carry the answer. 

5) If all the stones land face down, it means the time is not yet right. Wait seven days before trying again.

Rune Meanings

Eye – The all-seeing eye. This represents the querent or yourself. It also represents the third eye and intuition A reminder to pay attention to your gut feeling about the situation.


Moon – Female energy, cloudy sight. This stone indicates delays, or unseen forces (usually hostile) acting on the querent. There is something clouding your vision or perspective due to emotion.

Use your feminine intuition and be careful about what you are doing. Think about it carefully before you make decisions.

If it lands next to the waves stone, it implies an extended illness or an accident. Next to the birds stone, it could mean a sudden illness with poor chance of recovery.
Star – Hopes, wishes, clear vision, a light in the dark. This rune tells you to follow your vision. Things will be clearer for you, and you are not stuck anymore, so follow your decisions.
If it lands next to the waves stone, it heralds a birth within the querent’s family. If it lands next to the moon stone, it means your wish will go unfulfilled.

Crossed Spears – Conflict, Quarrels, War. This stone indicates a conflict with family, work, career, social life or partner. Implies great danger and strife against the querent.

Be careful what you are saying to people, it could lead to a conflict with yourself, or someone else.

If it lands next to the rings stone, it heralds a romance or a revived romance. For health questions, it denotes a swift recovery from illness.


Waves – The Moving stone, the waves rune represents journeys. It symbolizes constant motion, that something is ongoing and moving.

However, it does not always indicate physical motion. The movement can also refer to shifting emotions or events in your life.

Next to the sickle stone, it implies a parting.

Next to the star stone, it implies that a job change is in the works.

Grain – The stone of the Harvest, the reward for physical work. If you are working towards something good, you will reap what you sow. This can also go the other way and if you're doing something you should not be, you will experience consequences. 

When it lands next to the moon stone, it indicates that your past may catch up with you, sometimes with possible legal implications.

Birds – The run of inspiration, indicating that new ideas or news is forthcoming. It could be a message or indicate a journey that you are starting.

When it lands next to the the wheat and rings stones, it may mean the arrival of children or a birth.
Sickle – A rune that means death or an ending. A cutting off or cutting down. It could mean a severe change, a tragic ending or a break-up.

Rings – This symbolises deep connection, a marriage, a union or reunion. It could also mean a new business venture or a binding action.

When it lands next to the wheat stone, it represents a business partnership. Next to any other stones (except the eye stone), it relates to the querent’s family, rather than the querent.

Sun – Male energy. This represents prosperity, wealth and happiness. It augurs a new dawn, that something good is or will be happening happening, or a happy ending.

If it lands next to the wheat and rings runes, it augurs the completion of a project. Next to wheat and birds or birds and waves together, it implies a birth or new beginnings.

Materials: Natural Amethyst
Runestone Size: 2.7 x 2.0 x 0.8 cm (1.1" x 0.7" x 0.3")

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