Viking Battle Axes And Shield Necklace
Viking Battle Axes And Shield Necklace

Viking Battle Axes And Shield Necklace

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The axe was one of the Viking's most important tools. They were not just used in everyday tasks like agriculture and splitting wood, but also as a weapon in battle.

Favoured due to its ease of use and maneuverability, the axe quickly became a warrior's symbol of strength and audacity. It struck fear in the hearts of enemies when they saw it. 

The axe could be the difference between life and death for a Viking, and so became prized objects of status. Vikings would etch symbols into their axes to send a message. 

Today, the Viking axe represents the tenacity of the ancient Vikings, who conquered new worlds and bent them to their will.

This Viking necklace features twin battle axes. Etched on the axes are ravens, an animal associated with Odin, and with war and valor. The shield displays Viking symbols for the sun, which is associated with power and luck. 

Put together, this necklace is a meaningful and eye-catching piece to express power, valor and luck.  

Material: Zinc Alloy

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