#MondayMyths: 3 Haunted Places to Visit

#MondayMyths: 3 Haunted Places to Visit

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We’ve gone through a number of Monday Myths in our weekly email newsletters. Today, let us list down and recap our top 3 Haunted Places to Visit as previously mentioned in our #MondayMyths including this week’s story:

The Zombie Road of Missouri

In the western suburbs of St. Louis lies a 3km road called Lawler Ford Road, or more recently the Al Foster Trail.

But by many… it’s known as the Zombie Road.  One of the most haunted roads in the world, and definitely hitting the top in Missouri.

It’s located near Native American burial grounds and abandoned train tracks, giving it a spooky atmosphere.

It’s said a serial ‘zombie’ killer sought vengeance after being hit and killed by the nearby train and attacks those that pass through.

There are also many reports of various supernatural phenomena such as screaming, spirits, unnatural shadows, and more haunting the road. Nowadays, it’s a dead-end trail for pedestrians and cyclists, and it’s actually closed at night so ghost hunters are likely to get a ticket for trespassing!

The Legend of Alabama's Dead Children's Playground

Sept 18th, 1918

The Spanish Flu hit Huntsville.

By October 13th, hundreds were dead and only one local doctor and pharmacist remained uninfected.

Over 50 million people died as the pandemic spread through the world, but Huntsville was hit particularly hard.

Many children were buried in the Maple Hill cemetery, which happens to be right next to a children’s playground… 

Which is still used today, by the living and the dead.

It’s said that the spirits of these children come out to play during the night, orbs and spectral figures sighted and photographed in the area. Even the swings move by themselves. Or is it just the wind?


The Screaming Bridge in North Texas

On February 4th, 1961, six teenage girls plunged off a bridge in Arlington, having not seen the bridge broken. Two instantly died, one died on arrival and the others had severe injuries.

It had been set on fire earlier by high school boys who were never punished for their ‘childish pranks’. The bridge wasn’t rebuilt, but instead was turned into a tunnel for drainage, then was later resurfaced with asphalt.

In 1994, two people attempted to make the crossing in the same location before a train hit them. Unfortunately, one of them was knocked out of the car and the other was trapped in its burning remains – both dead on the scene.

Thus, it was given the name ‘The Screaming Bridge’ as people who went there heard the screeching of a car, screaming of those who died and the witnessing of tombstones of the deceased.




And that's our 3 haunted places to visit! What do you think? Would you visit any of these places? Let us know in the comments and follow us on social media for more #Mondaymyths.


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