5 Tabletop RPG Games (That Aren’t D&D!)

5 Tabletop RPG Games (That Aren’t D&D!)

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Who doesn’t love Dungeons & Dragons? It’s a classic! But if you’re looking for something new to get into at game night, check out these 5 tabletop roleplaying games instead.


Shadowrun Returns

A tactical roleplaying game that takes place in the Shadowrun universe, an alternate future in which cybernetics, magic, and mythological creatures coexist. As the story progresses, players are given “karma” to spend on improving their characters, and characters can gain any skill. As in, you can develop a doctor who also happens to have shaman skills, which is pretty cool in our opinion.


Call of Cthulhu

Fans of Lovecraftian horror will adore this tabletop RPG. Based on the short story of the same title by H.P. Lovecraft, this roleplaying game takes ordinary characters (detectives, criminals, scholars, etc) and plunges them into the realm of the mysterious. The characters' sanity points wither away as more of the horrors of the world are revealed. Your character might just end up dying a gruesome death or ending up in a mental institution. ☠️


13th Age

Created around the same time as the fifth edition of D&D, 13th Age is a game pretty similar to D&D without being a total copy. 13th Age has a “one unique thing” feature, which allows players to create a character that stands out from everyone else. The “one unique thing” can be used purely as a narrative aspect, although it can also be used as a mechanical feature to help you out in the campaign.


Risus: The Anything RPG

Risus is described as a “rules-light generic roleplaying game.” It’s a handy RPG for spur-of-the-moment games and character creation. And because the rules and genre are so flexible, with a lot of ready-built campaigns, Risus is a great family- and beginner-friendly game. The best part? It’s free to play and you can download it any time!


Bunkers & Badasses

Bunkers & Badasses is based on the game-within-a-game from the Borderlands series. The sourcebook has over 200 pages of (to quote their website) “skag-shooting, skeleton-looting, treasure-hoarding tabletop action!” Obviously it’s a clever satire/tribute to D&D, and it’s chock-full of witty one-liners and over 200 jokes (“over 20 of which are funny”). The sourcebook comes with three full adventure campaigns to get you started.


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