5 Cool Facts About Cats + Cat Jewelry

5 Cool Facts About Cats + Cat Jewelry

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We love cats! Our fuzzy feline companions are always there for affectionate nuzzles and silly fun.

To celebrate cats as our animal of the month, here’s 5 cool facts about them:

Photo: Cat Face Pendants

1. Cats are believed to be the only mammal not to be able to taste sweetness

Photo: Cat Head Ring

2. Cats can jump up to 6x their length!

Photo: Black Cat Earrings

3. Grapes, raisins, onions, garlic and chives are all extremely harmful foods for your cat, so don’t let them loose while you’re cooking

Photo: Cat Walk Minimalist Necklace

4. A cat’s learning style is similar to a 2-3 year old human child.

Photo: Crystal Cat Necklace

5. The collective noun for a group of cats is either a clowder, clutter, glaring or pounce.

Did you know any of these? Let us know what your fave things about cats are!

Playful Cat Sterling Silver Ring

Playful Cat Sterling Silver Ring


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Cat Lovers Couple Necklaces

Cat Lovers Couple Necklaces


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Cat Ears Beret

Cat Ears Beret


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