Five Batty Facts About Bats

Five Batty Facts About Bats

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Like so many nocturnal creatures, bats are often maligned and misunderstood. In many myths, they are associated with death and darkness—which is probably why they get such a bad reputation. But bats are actually some of the smartest, most social animals on the planet. Here are some fun facts about bats!


Learn more about ‘em in 5 bat-sized facts!


1. Bats are super smart.

In the wild, these flying mammals have such good memories that they can remember where the tastiest and ripest sources of food are. Studies have shown that bats in captivity can remember human faces and can even follow certain instructions.

Photo: Vampire Bat Ring


2. Bats are awesome pollinators.

Over 500 species of fruiting plants depend on bats to pollinate their flowers. These include species of mango, banana, durian, or agave. The next time you bite into a tasty mango or drink some tequila (which is made from agave), remember to thank a bat!


3. Bats control pest populations.

In Brazil, the free-tailed bat is considered an important part of keeping cotton crops healthy and the pest population down. In many parts of the world, bats eat mosquitoes (about 1,200 an hour) and keep the bug population in check.


Photo: Bejeweled Vampire Bat Earrings


4. Guano is great fertilizer!

Bat droppings/guano has a high concentration of nutrients that makes it an ideal fertilizer. It’s fast-acting, has little odor, and is full of good stuff like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphate—key ingredients for plant growth.


5. Bats aren’t actually blind.

It’s not true that bats are blind. In fact, larger bats can see up to 3 times better than humans. A lot of bats have small eyes with sensitive vision, which makes it easier for them to see in pitch-black conditions!


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