Get Kickass Handmade Ukrainian Jewelry And Help Ukraine Kick Ass

Get Kickass Handmade Ukrainian Jewelry And Help Ukraine Kick Ass

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On the 24th of February, war came to the Ukraine. The devastating recent events is something we as human beings must stand against.

While not located there, Wyvern's Hoard has partners in Ukraine producing some of the handmade sterling silver jewelry on this website. The invasion shut down their production temporarily.

Happily, they have since managed to set up another production facility in Western Ukraine, and are able to produce as well as ship jewelry again. 

Continuing their business in such conditions is vital for their economy. These businesses support their country by providing employment to people unable to participate in combat, paying taxes to the Ukrainian government, and making donations for the army and volunteers.

Wyvern's Hoard is proud to partner with them, and will be adding new designs from our Ukrainian partners in the coming days. 

By buying a piece from our handmade Ukrainian Jewelry collection, you will get a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry while helping to support Ukrainian businesses.

Every sale supports Ukrainian workshops, their local suppliers and the business' staff, whether they are in production or currently volunteering with the Defense Forces. In addition, we will also be donating 10% of each sale from this collection to a Humanitarian Assistance fund administered by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. 

Considerations Before Ordering 

Given the circumstances, we'd like to highlight some issues that may arise from ordering our Ukrainian-made jewelry:

1) These items are all made to order, with a production lead time of 10 days. With the current situation, the manufacturing time may go up to 12 days before shipping. 

2) The new production facility is located in an area that is neither near any military or strategic sites. It is the safest place that a Ukrainian business can be in during such times. We have been assured by our production partners that it is unlikely their work will be interrupted in the near future. 

However, given the unpredictable nature of war, please note that production may be suddenly disrupted. We will inform you ASAP should your order be affected. 

In such cases, we will likely offer a full refund or hold the order until they are able to resume production. 

3) Customs clearance and shipping times may take slightly longer than usual. As the shipping times differ from country to country, if your order is taking longer than the stated times in our FAQ, do email us at and we'll check on its status for you.

We thank you for your kind support and understanding.

Slava Ukraini!

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