Guide To Using Crystals Effectively

Guide To Using Crystals Effectively

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Many stones and crystals are thought to have their own energies, vibrations and healing properties.

If you’ve never dived into crystals before, here’s a quick guide to using crystals.

After choosing your crystals, you need to set your intentions and activate them so they help you manifest the right energies you’re looking for.

First, you should always cleanse your crystals, especially if they’ve changed a lot of hands to get to you.  Once a month is a good rule of thumb too!

Running them under clean/natural water or saltwater, letting them soak in natural light, submerging in brown rice, or even pass it through the smoke from burning a bundle of sage can all help cleanse your crystals.

Once it has let go of any negative energy, you can activate them.

You can bathe them in sunlight or moonlight, paying attention to whether they’re more suited for one or the other. 

You can use a ‘crystal grid’ and surround it with other crystals to absorb their energies that coincide with your intentions.

Finally, you can pray or meditate over them, which can be as ritualistic or simple as you’d like.  How you do it that way is up to you!

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Yggdrasil Tree of Life Rainbow Quartz Necklace


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