A Quick Guide to Moon Water

A Quick Guide to Moon Water

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Many rituals, legends and spiritual traditions have talked about the power of the moon for centuries.

Some believe that their energy, mood and physical well-being is affected by the phases of the moon.

One of these rituals for harnessing lunar energy is to collect moon water!

This isn’t your typical water you can find in a tap or a bottle, you need to ‘charge’ it during a chosen moon phase.

Simply find a nice bottle or jar, fill it with clean water, then set your intentions and sit it out to soak in the light of the moon during that phase.

Photo: Potions Glass Vial Necklace

Although there’s no science to support moon water itself, there are actually several studies that support the phases of the moon affecting our physical and mental well-being.

For example, a full moon being associated with lower sleep efficiency (Turanyi et al, 2014), or another study which found that bipolar individuals were affected by lunar patterns (Wehr, 2017).

Some people believe moon water can be used to promote cleansing, renewal, or setting your intentions. 

It can be used in spiritual or healing rituals, manifestation or even just your beauty routine!

What do you think? Try some moonwater for yourself 🌙 


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