Autumn Equinox

Happy Equinox!
Many cultures celebrate the equinox in several ways. Many pagans and Wiccans celebrate Mabon, or Second Harvest. They give thanks for the summer and pay tribute to the coming darkness by building altars, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and feasting on apples.

Neo-Druids gather at Stonehenge to watch the sunrise of the equinox. They do this in both spring and fall, and for them, it’s a time of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest and of preparation for the winter.

Buddhists in Japan observe a period called Ohigan, or Higan. It’s celebrated 3 days before and after the Autumnal equinox. On these days, they visit their ancestors’ graves to leave flowers and clean the gravesites.
Japanese Tori Gate

In China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and a handful of other Asian countries, people celebrate the Moon Festival. It’s celebrated with moon cakes, with the usual festivities, like lighting lanterns and praying. It’s also a time to gather and visit with family and friends.

How are you celebrating the Autumn Equinox this year?

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Here’s to a great harvest and a gentle winter!