Why do we celebrate the Moon Festival?

Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time, when there were ten suns in the sky, there lived a man named Hou Yi.

With so many suns in the sky, there was no space for night at all. And you can imagine the world was very hot, which made people’s lives very difficult.

So Hou Yi, being a great hero of incredible strength, shot down nine of the suns. He became renowned far and wide, much to the jealousy of Hou Yi’s apprentice, Peng Meng. Hou Yi was soon married to a beautiful, kind-hearted woman named Chang’e.

One day, Hou Yi was traveling to visit an old friend of his, when he came upon Xiwangmu, the Queen of Heaven. Xiwangmu gave him an elixir that would make him ascend to heaven as a deity. This elixir was usually reserved for immortals who had reached enlightenment.

But Xiwangmu had only given Hou Yi enough elixir for one person, and one person alone. While grateful, he didn’t want to be immortal if it meant he had to leave his beloved wife and live without her for all eternity.

So Hou Yi declined, and decided to remain mortal. When he arrived home, he gave the elixir to Chang’e, for her to keep. But the wily Peng Meng secretly saw Hou Yi give her the potion, and began to plot.

Three days later, while Hou Yi was out hunting wild game, Peng Meng cornered Chang’e and demanded she hand over the elixir. She thought to fight, but realized she could never defeat Peng Meng.

So Chang’e, knowing she could not win, swallowed the elixir and flew up to the skies. Because of her love for Hou Yi, and wanting to be near him, she landed on the moon, which is the closest place to earth.

Hou Yi looked up and saw what had happened to his wife, when a figure that looked just like hers appeared on the face of the moon.

So that she wouldn’t feel so lonely up there, Hou Yi often stared up at the moon, and left her favorite desserts and fruits out every night. He did this until the day he died.

Now this tradition continues today, when people leave offerings to Chang’e at the Mid-Autumn Festival. She is believed to bless her followers with beauty.

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