The Feriluce’s Forbidden Love 2: Creirwy the Descendant

So Elior stood before the Court of Heaven, charged with the highest treason: loving a mortal woman and putting her above the Supreme Being Itself. 

The voice of the Feriluce rang out like a thousand insanities: “Elior. Prophet, Diviner, Keeper of Time. You have been charged with the highest treason. With the fraternization of a daughter of Addis. What say you?”

“Guilty,” he said, his bright head hung low. And so the Order of the Feriluce, cast him out of Heaven, bound him with chains under the earth, and burned his true love on a pyre.  

But the story goes: the Priestess uttered a promise before she breathed her dying breath. She said that she would return, and free her love from his prison, and that together they would bring the Court of Heaven to its knees.

 Upon the fabled site of Elior’s fall, the remaining Feriluce built a temple to keep their disgraced brother trapped under the earth.

Thousands of years have passed. The story has become legend. The Feriluce walk the earth no more. Still, prophets and seers flock to the site of the fall to honor Elior, and give him tribute.

Some say that time has warped the once-illustrious Feriluce into something… ugly. Something monstrous and demonic. And that to release him would be to release chaos upon the Earth itself, as well as the Heavens above.

Of course, other sects, such as the Priests of Elior (marked by their love of bats and other nocturnal, winged things) believe that if they were to find Elior’s reincarnated love and use her power to release him from his chains, he would grant them immense power.
Now the Priests of Elior are using their dark tools to find her, and will not be stopped.

Rumor has it, they’ve found a woman of interest in some far-flung region of the world.

Their enemies, the Order of the Feriluce, seek to vanquish the Priests of Elior, and stop armageddon in its tracks.

Would you stop the Priests of Elior, or would you join with them in their mission?

You decide.

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