The Broken Realms of Ussiomel

In the year 7400, five years after the Calamity of Ussiomel, I, Fodel Skywatcher, forged a weapon for the heroes that legends say will come to heal the divide between our realms.

With the arcane knowledge in the Living Scrolls, I summoned the Great Dragon Klii’n-Zhrak, and she arose from The Azure Sea, with a glowing egg the size of ten men housed in her mouth.

I befriended her. I bade her tell me the future. She whispered to me the secrets of the universe, none of which I may repeat to you, alas, save for the prophecy of the Great Divide, a cataclysm larger still than the Calamity of Ussiomel, that would destroy us once and for all. She entrusted me with her egg, that we her children might fight and survive the coming apocalypse of our world.

(Now you might remember, dear warrior, the legend of Klii’n-Zhrak, daughter of Rargu, The Hungry. She slew him at the beginning of time, so that our proud race might be born from the ashes of his body, the animals of drops of his blood, and the Fae Folk from his tears.)

From this glowing egg, I fashioned many a powerful weapon, which glowed with the light of the brightest stars even in the darkest of nights. I gifted these weapons to the strongest and wisest warriors of our realms—those I thought worthy of the task at hand.


Among these were an arrowhead that could pierce through any armor and strike true into the heart of any beast, man, or monster. This was gifted to Prince Alefran the Eagle-Eyed of Bilpether, he who slew many monsters after the Calamity unleashed them on our world.



A sword, whose blade could cut through diamonds, and which granted the wielder with the strength and speed of a dragon. This was granted to a half-elf called Uldor Blacksword, who was the strongest, bravest, and most cunning warrior of his realm, champion and regent.



A pair of earrings which gave the wearer the power of flight, given to Kira Truefire, Princess of Estrevion, who stands now by my side, a faithful and true warrior with a heart of a lion and a mind as clear and sharp as a scythe.


And a ring, said to be imbued with the powers of the ocean, which gave the wearer the ability to speak to all beasts, to dragons, and even Klii’n-Zhrak herself. This, I kept for myself. All these weapons combined, I hoped to help stop the Great Divide in its tracks.

Alas, power corrupted one.

Uldor Blacksword, dark in his heart, coveted the throne and the arrowhead of Prince Alefran and led a siege upon his throne. Alas, the Prince was killed in battle, pierced in the heart by Uldor’s sword.

He challenged me to a duel to the death, and I fought. But at the twelfth hour he defeated me, and I fled with my life and my tail tucked between my legs to the very farthest regions of the North.

Despite my warnings, and in spite of my pleading with her to run, to hide with me and recuperate, the Princess of Estrevion led an attack against Uldor Blacksword. Her army was soundly defeated, but my apprentice, a young wizard by the name of Chorune, gave her life to save the princess and magic her to the deep underground vaults of Estrevion, guarded by Lord Greke, King of Wyverns, the strongest of all two-legged creatures.

It was a small mercy that Uldor could not pass Lord Greke, although now I hear tell that he is adding to his army, and plans to slay the Great Wyvern.

And then perhaps to the Azure Sea he will go, to seize Klii’n-Zhrak’s power for himself.

Our world—nay, the very fabric of our reality—is in danger. Even as we speak, I sense Uldor Blacksword’s power grows.

Will you help us?

Will you stop Uldor Blacksword before it’s too late?

You must. 

You are the last hope of the Broken Realms of Ussiomel.

You are our last stand.

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