The Dragon Guards a Secret


In a land untouched by time, in the farthest reaches of the South, a dragon sits, guarding her secret hoard of treasures.

Her name is Cyttafa, a Drakaina said to be the sister of Python and Echidna, whose beauty was both great and terrible to behold. While poets will have you believe that the drakaina were nothing but monsteresses to be subdued and slain, ancient wisdom suggests they were also sorceresses and sages—bearers and protectors of immense power.

Cyttafa, the Guardian Dragon herself is said to hold much wealth and mystery in her hoard of riches. Treasures from the very depths of the sea and from the farthest reaches of the sky. Rumored to be in her grasp is the pelt of the Nemean Lion, the Knot of Isis, and the sword of the god Susanoo.

Most famed of them all is the Nebula Dice, said to be imbued with all the powers of fortune and the infinite universes. Whosoever holds the dice, holds the fate of the entire world, and worlds beyond, in the palm of their hands.

On Tortuga, they sold the map to the highest bidder, a duke of ill repute.

A hundred years ago, a nameless adventurer found Cyttafa on her isle and narrowly escaped with his life after attempting to steal from her. The nameless adventurer was fished from a raft on the sea by a band of pirates, and with his last breath, he told them to turn back.

The pirates found the map to Cyttafa’s land in his pockets, our legends say, and were wise enough to do as the dying man had said: Turn back.

On Tortuga, they sold the map to the highest bidder, a duke of ill repute.

Since then, countless rulers, warriors, sorcerers, warlocks, and even whole armies have sought the Nebula Dice. In their greed and their lust for power, multitudes have sacrificed their lives at the feet of Cyttafa the Guardian.

But now a great threat is brewing. The Emperor of the Weyorean Empire, famed for his cruelty and brutality, has set his sights on the Nebula Dice. He has gathered all the strongest warriors of the land, and all the most powerful witches, wizards, necromancers, and warlocks. He has promised them everything—land, wealth, power beyond measure—and they have all sworn their fealty to Weyorea and its ruler.

It seems now that only one kingdom stands against this threat. The Land of Potia, Land of Druids and Mystics, Kingdom of the Wooden Castle, sent a word of warning to Weyorea and all the land. “Tempt not Fate,” the Grand Druid of Potia said, “and tamper not with the Threads of the Universe, or we shall all suffer the consequences of pride, and be destroyed forever.”

Neither the Emperor nor Weyorea heeded this warning, and now their multitudes head to Cyttafa’s land.

The druids of Potia are assembling their own fighters:  dwarves, elves, and other fae, and humans who align themselves with the Natural Order. In the Land of Portia they assemble, arming themselves in the Wooden Castle. And do you count yourself among them?

Will you journey forth from the Wooden Castle to stand with the druids of Portia, protect Cyttafa the Guardian, and keep the Nebula Dice safe from power-hungry hands?

Or will you ride with the Emperor of Weyorea and his horde, in an eternal quest for glory and power?

It’s your choice.

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