The Witch's Cat Familiar Necklace
The Witch's Cat Familiar Necklace

The Witch's Cat Familiar Necklace

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Familiars are usually household pets that serve as a witch's companion. They are said to function as guides, loyal guardians, protectors and assistants when witches use magic. They are also often manifestations of a witch's emotions, be it hatred or love. 

The most common type of witch's familiar is a cat. A possible reason for their popularity as a familiar is that they have been long revered as sacred from the days of the goddess Bastet in ancient Egypt, who took on the form of a cat.

Cats, as a representation of Bastet, were said to symbolize protection against evil and disease, especially in the home. 

A witch's best companion is obviously her loyal cat familiar, alongside her trusty flying broomstick! 

This exquisite necklace pendant depicts an adorable cat balancing itself on the iconic witch's broomstick. 

A perfect gift to for witch (or wizard)! 

Material: Zinc Alloy
Chain Length: 45cm (18")

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