Dance With Dragons!

Iridescent PurpleFire RedGlow in the Dark (Blue)Glow in the Dark (Green)Paintable WhiteSea GreenOne of Each Color (Save $20 + FREE shipping!)
  • FULLY ARTICULATED FIDGET - Each segment of this dragon is movable

  • PORTABLE FIDGET - Twist and turn as needed!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Each dragon weighs just 10g (0.35oz)!

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Made of bio-degradable PLA material

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🌟 Embark on a fantastical journey with our fantastical 3D Printed Crystal Dragon Earrings, now with an extra touch of magic! Crafted from lightweight PLA, these earrings aren't just your ordinary accessories – they're your tiny, articulated companions ready to dance and play. They're both a magical fashion accessory and a mini-fidget.

🐉 Features:

Dance of the Dragons:
Unleash the playfulness! These dragons aren't just for show – they're fully articulated, ready to dance, and join in your mischief. They can also double as mini-fidgets if needed. 

Material Magic: Created with love and a sprinkle of imagination, these earrings are crafted from lightweight biodegradable PLA material, making these an eco-friendly fashion choice. Our magical 3D printing process ensures that every dragon detail is brought to life, making these earrings a wearable work of art. Move and groove with your dragon buddies throughout the day.

Versatile Whimsy: From tea parties to magical quests, these earrings effortlessly transition between realms. Let them be the quirky companion to your everyday attire or the magical touch to your fanciest ensembles.

A Light Fantasy: Embrace the magic without the weight! At 10 grams these earrings are light enough to allow you to wear them for hours. Let them ride with you through the day!

Customize Your Dragon: Paint your dragon earrings in any color you please! We recommend the paintable white variant, but all our dragons can be painted a different color.

Enchanted Gifting: Searching for the perfect gift for your fellow dreamer? Look no further! These crystal dragon earrings are the ultimate gesture for those who believe in the magic of friendship and mythical wonders.

Add a touch of enchantment to your everyday moments with our 3D Printed Crystal Dragon Earrings – the perfect blend of fashion, fantasy, and fidgeting fun! ✨🐲✨

This Crystal Dragon design was created by Cinderwing3d. Wyvern's Hoard has a commercial license to sell prints of their designs.






8.0cm (3.14")

10g (0.35oz) per dragon


Fantastical Fashion meets fidget

Each segment on these fully articulated dragons are 3D printed from the ground up to create a precise, strong but flexible joint design that won't come apart.

This allows the baby dragons to twist, turn and sway with your movement, and can act as mini-fidgets on their own!

Eco-friendly Gifting

Searching for the perfect gift for a dragon fan? Look no further! These crystal dragon earrings are the ultimate gesture for those who believe both in the magic of friendship and bringing mythical wonders to life.

These dragons are 3D printed using PLA, a biodegradable material made from renewable sources. Wyvern's Hoard has a commercial license from Cinderwing3D to sell prints of their designs, so your friend will be receiving their dragons from an authorized seller!

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1.When will my order be dispatched?

After an order is placed, these dragons are printed to order.

As the product requires extra time and labour to create the different color layers relative to our standard prints, during times of high demand, it may take about 7 business days before the product is printed and shipped out. 

2. Do you really have a 100% Delivery Guarantee?

Yes! We work with shipping partners that use special shipping lines that ensure our products get to our customers.

While the occasional parcel may get lost in the mail due to human error during processing at customs or by the postal service, we will resend your order free of charge should that happen. 

3. Do you ship worldwide?

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