How to Keep Your Costume Jewelry from Tarnishing

While spending on real jewelry is worth it, not all of us have the budget to spend on even a single piece of real gold. Here’s a simple method to preserve how they look for longer.
Items needed:
- 2 pieces cardboard (size depending on the jewelry you have)
- 1 can clear paint
- 1 roll masking tape
- Pushpins for large jewelry (number depending on the jewelry you have)
- Straight pins for small jewelry (number depending on the jewelry you have)
- Plastic disposable gloves
1. Put on your gloves.
2. Set a piece of cardboard on the table.
3. Place the jewelry you want to work on this piece of cardboard.
4. If your jewelry has parts that aren’t made of metal, like gemstones, strings, and beads, cover them in masking tape. This protects them from the paint which would dull or discolor them.
5. Grab the can of paint and spray a thin layer on your jewelry piece.
6. Prop up the second board against the wall.
7. Pin your spray-painted item on the second cardboard.
8. Wait for the piece to dry.
That’s it! Now your pieces will last longer until the clear paint chips off. You can use a non-spray type of paint, which we encourage because it’s cheaper and more environment-friendly. All that’s left is to flaunt them.