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A Journal Fit To Keep A Dragon's Secrets


  • Handmade by Artisans
  • Intricate 3D design crafted by hand using resin and high quality acrylic paint
  • Feel each scale and bump!
  • Acid-free unlined A5 pages ideal for use as a journal, notebook, sketchbook or scrapbook
  • Choose from a Journal or a Loose-Leaf Journal with replaceable pages 
  • Or go all out and get a Journal in a Deluxe Writing Set complete with feather quill pen, ink bottle and wax seal melting kit!

About Our Journals

This stunning handmade journal is fit to keep a dragon's secrets!

A gorgeous A5 journal designed by professional craftsmen to mimic lifelike scales, ridges and bumps, creating the appearance of a ferocious dragon come to life.

Handcrafted with resin and hand-painted using high quality acrylic paint - feel each 3D scale, ridge and bump!

Share your secrets, notes and sketches in its unlined, acid-free pages. Or use it for scrapbooking. Personally, we love using them to take notes during our DnD campaigns!

Our journals come as a bound notebook, a loose-leaf notebook whose pages can be replaced, or in a premium writing set complete with writing quill, ink bottle and wax seal melting spoon kit!


Materials: Resin, High Quality Acrylic Paint
Size: 15cm x 19.5cm x 4cm (~5.9" x 7.6" x 1.5")
Page Size: Page Size: A5


We stand behind our products and delivery partners. Should your order not arrive, or is defective, just let us know and we'll resend or refund your order. 


Wyvern's Hoard Co-Founder 

The Origin Story

Here at Wyvern’s Hoard, we indulge the love of unique and legendary things that make life feel that bit more magical.

Founded by two huge fans of all things fantasy and sci-fi, we are committed to helping add beautiful, high quality products to your own treasure collection.

Our store contains fantastical treasures that we’ve come across in our adventures around the world, inspired by a variety of cultures from East to West.

Made to bring the fantastical into everyday life, and crafted with the best available materials - worthy of a Wyvern’s Hoard.

Notebook Journal

Enjoy taking notes, jotting down your thoughts, scrapbooking or sketching on the journal's unlined acid-free A5 paper. Bring a touch of magic to your bookshelf and on game night.

Deluxe Writing Set

For adventurers who want to inscribe their greatest spells or secret techniques in ink, with a feather quill pen. Leave your mark in the form of a wax seal, or use the wax seal kit to seal your envelopes!

Loose-Leaf Journal

A six-ring binder holds replaceable pages in place. Comes with a book of A5 pages - take a page out when you need, or change them out when you've filled them up!

Meet Our Dragons


The strongest and most majestic of dragons, the apex of their race. These wise dragons were respected for their fairness and knowledge. They are fierce opponents of evil and injustice.


These ferocious dragons reside in the heart of volcanoes. They fear little and are feared by those who encounter them, as they are known to be malign, vicious and ruthless.


The most feral of dragons, white dragons are not to be underestimated. Their icy breath can instantly freeze a foe solid, and their intellect is no lesser than that of any dragon. They are masters of their territories.


These aquatic dragons are the children of the ocean, and love collecting treasure from sunken ships. They can b whimsical and playful - although their games occasionally shatter hulls and drown sailors.

Handcrafted Realism

Experienced craftsmen using resin and high quality acrylic paint puts our journals together by hand. Enjoy the visual and tactile feel of owning a truly draconic journal.

A Magical Writing Experience

High quality acid-free paper ensures an optimal writing experience for pens, pencils an ink.


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Why are you charging so much for a notebook?

Our notebooks are handcrafted by professional artisans using quality materials. The scales, ridges and bumps you see on the covers of our journals take time to carefully create, paint and finish. Its acid-free paper ensures what you record in it lasts for a long, long time.

The result is an impressively eye-catching piece of art which is also a journal that can be used for a variety of purposes, including scrapbooking and display.   


We stand behind our products and delivery partners. Should your order not arrive, or is defective, just let us know and we'll resend or refund your order.