Look Sharp With Our Guillotine Necklace!

Looking for a cutting-edge accessory? A conversation starter that reflects your unique sense of style? Are you interested in the French Revolution or a history enthusiast? Or are you just looking for unique accessories that match your partner’s cynical wit?

The Guillotine necklace is the ideal accessory to showcase your le grand esprit - your great intellect. “Head out” with this guillotine necklace on and you’ll surely see people losing their heads over it!

Vive la Revolution!

The guillotine is best known for its use during the French Revolution, where the revolution's supporters celebrated it as the people's avenger and the revolution's opponents vilified it as the pre-eminent symbol of the violence of the Reign of Terror. It has since become a symbol of revolution and uprising.

Made For the Modern Rebel

Sure to garner attention and questions, this is a piece for those who like to question norms and build their understanding of the world around reason and logic. “If you can wear a crucifix around your neck, why not a guillotine?”, they say.
If that’s you, this necklace is dedicated to YOU!!

Embrace Individuality

Whichever your opinion and stance on history, wearing this unique guillotine necklace around your neck expresses individuality and wit.

Crafted with great attention to detail to the ingenious construction of the controversial “instrument of decapitation”, the guillotine necklace is definitely a head-turner.

A Gift Set With A Difference

Whichever narrative of history you adhere to, BUY now to savor the irony of wearing the guillotine around your neck! Combine the necklace with Guillotine earrings and enjoy the surprise when you gift it to discerning friends and loved ones.

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The Guillotine Necklace - Wyvern's Hoard

Your Questions, Answered

How big is this necklace?

It is 2.2cm (L)  x 4.2cm (H) (0.8" x 1.6")

Is the necklace double-sided?

Yes! This is a 3D guillotine pendant and you can wear it with either side showing.

A guillotine necklace? What were you thinking?

If people can wear crucifixes, why not a guillotine? 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide for a flat shipping fee of $6.95. Spend more than $50 and get free worldwide shipping!

How long will the necklace take to ship?

Orders will typically ship out within 1-3 working days and once shipped, are usually delivered within 5-15 business days for most countries.

Please note that depending on customs processing in your country and delivery location, delivery could be delayed. Air freight and customs processing times differ by country and time of year. Delivering to remote locations where our last mile delivery partner has less frequent delivery schedules can also affect delivery times. 

Online tracking is provided with each order so you can track your guillotine every step of the way. 

We have a 100% Delivery Guarantee! If your delivery is taking longer than the times stated above, just email us at support@wyvernshoard.com and we'll check on it. If the item has been damaged or lost in the mail, we'll arrange for a free resend or refund. 

If you have any questions on your order, whether it's tracking or other concerns, just email us at support@wyvernshoard.com and we'll be happy to help!

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