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Clan VS Clan! Who will prevail?

A long, long time ago, in the earth and in the heavens, were two feuding clans: the Aka clan and the Gin clan. They were clans of powerful samurai, who once were friends, and had served together in a Great War between yokai and mankind. There had been plans to join the two clans together in an auspicious marriage. The Aka clan had a beautiful daughter named Yume, whose eyes were of the deepest black, and whose skin was white as the snow, and whose hair was as blue-black as the deepest night. She was not only beautiful, but wise, and a skilled archer. It was said that she could shoot an arrow into the eye of a crane, perched...

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The Broken Realms of Ussiomel

In the year 7400, five years after the Calamity of Ussiomel, I, Fodel Skywatcher, forged a weapon for the heroes that legends say will come to heal the divide between our realms. With the arcane knowledge in the Living Scrolls, I summoned the Great Dragon Klii’n-Zhrak, and she arose from The Azure Sea, with a glowing egg the size of ten men housed in her mouth. I befriended her. I bade her tell me the future. She whispered to me the secrets of the universe, none of which I may repeat to you, alas, save for the prophecy of the Great Divide, a cataclysm larger still than the Calamity of Ussiomel, that would destroy us once and for all. She...

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The Dragon Guards a Secret

In a land untouched by time, in the farthest reaches of the South, a dragon sits, guarding her secret hoard of treasures. Her name is Cyttafa, a Drakaina said to be the sister of Python and Echidna, whose beauty was both great and terrible to behold. While poets will have you believe that the drakaina were nothing but monsteresses to be subdued and slain, ancient wisdom suggests they were also sorceresses and sages—bearers and protectors of immense power. Cyttafa, the Guardian Dragon herself is said to hold much wealth and mystery in her hoard of riches. Treasures from the very depths of the sea and from the farthest reaches of the sky. Rumored to be in her grasp is the...

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